Enola Holmes 2 Movie Review

The movie that I have chosen to review is the Enola Holmes 2 movie. I chose this movie to review because I believe that this is a movie that the whole family will enjoy.

Information about the movie

This movie is about a young girl called Enola who is a detective who opens up her own detective agency during the second film. She compete’s against and with her older brother Sherlock Holmes who is also a detective. But when a little girl’s sister goes missing, Enola helps the young girl to find her sister in a solo detective adventure. She then helps young girls in the work force to help them find their freedom and save their lives as needed by the girls.

List of Main Characters from the movie:

  • Enola
  • Moriarty
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Bessy
  • Sarah
  • The Government Bad Guys

Information about the Main Characters


Information about Enola

Enola is a beautiful young detective who puts herself in the worst situations that are often dangerous but can be rewarding. Throughout the movie she spends her time trying to prove herself to her family that she is a great detective.


Information about Moriarty

Moriarty is a woman who in the movie is considered evil due to the fact that she broke the law in order to send a message to the government. She is kind, beautiful, brave, sneaky and a little scary.

Sherlock Holmes

Information about Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock is a man who loves to play the violin. He is kind, brave, pays attention to details that others do not notice, friendly and loves to smoke a cigar. Throughout the movie, Sherlock does everything in his power to help Enola solve the case.


Information about Bessy

Bessy is the younger sister of Sarah. She is kind, brilliant, brave, friendly and nice. Throughout the movie, Bessy does everything in her power to help Enola find her sister before the evil government bad guys find her.


Information about Sarah

Sarah is the older sister of Bessy. She is kind, brave, very good at disguises, friendly and protective. Throughout the movie, Sarah does everything in her power to stay hidden from the Bad guys.

The Government Bad Guys

Information about the Bad Guys

The Bad Guys in the movie are very evil. There are four of them and they are very unkind to everybody else in the movie. Throughout the movie all of the bad guys try to find Sarah and get rid of her whilst trying to keep Enola and Sherlock away from the case.

My review of the movie is that this movie is a funny movie which I am sure that the whole family will enjoy. This movie is on Netflix and this is the only place you can watch it.

My recommendations is that parents be advised that there might be some scary scenes that might frighten younger children. But it is a feel good family friendly movie that as mentioned above the whole family can enjoy.


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